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The Little-Known Secret Superpower to Selling

Monday Jun 17th, 2019


I’m about to tell you a secret that will blow your mind.

You know I’ve talked about the psychology of colour, the importance of self-belief and success, showing up consistently and learning more about Toronto housing market knowledge that can give you a competitive edge in 2019.

So, it can’t be any of those.

The dictionary defines “selling” in very simple terms: “to persuade someone of the merits of.”

Ok, so that implies influence and persuasion are important.

But how can those behaviors become authentic, and convincing?

Here’s the mindset switch.

Rather than think about it as we have something to sell to someone, instead ask yourself: “what do I have to give?”

Your assistance?

Your time?

Your advice?

Your solutions?

Let’s distill it further.

What do each of those things have in common?


That’s right.

When we’re in a “generous” mindset, we communicate completely differently.

We’re not worried about making the sale at all costs.

We just want to help a friend out.

And it’s through that display of generosity that we’re able to access a real and genuine opportunity for connection.

When we stop trying to “sell” we can tap into the authentic reasons why we love something.

It will feel genuine. And that’s when we have an impact.

That’s when we can sell our ideas.

Our perspectives.

Our stories.

So talk about the true reasons why you really love a product and lead with that.

And do it without expectation of return.

Because when we drop this focus on getting our “return,” our generosity, connection, and servitude are easier to access.

Focus on giving.

Be giving of your assistance.

Be giving of your time.

Be giving of your knowledge.

Remember, be generous.

Think about how you would approach sales conversations differently by simply focusing on how to help the person rather than how they can help you.

When you understand the magnitude of how powerful and life-changing that above sentence is, that’s when all the success you’re hoping for has a chance to be welcomed in.

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