the secret to success

The #1 Secret to Success

Saturday Apr 13th, 2019


Everyone wants to be successful — regardless of how big or small they want their lives to be. The real question is… Do you believe in your success?

Right now, everything you’ve accomplished in your life stems from the experiences and beliefs you’ve held about yourself in the past.  

What’s the secret to success? And if there is one, why doesn’t everyone feel successful all of the time?

That’s easy.

The number one secret to success is the level of self-belief your hold about yourself.

Truth bomb, deployed.

See, your beliefs about yourself are spoken through your actions.

Don’t believe me?

We can agree your success is dependent on your actions, right?

And what informs your actions?

Your thoughts.

So where does success start?

You guessed it…

You might think that for every high-achieving person, they must have inherently possessed this strong sense of self-belief. But I can assure you, that’s definitely not the case.

Steve Jobs and Elon Musk started in the same place you did. The only difference between you and them are likely your degree of interest in computers, cars and technology.

Likewise, you have your own unique set of interests and gifts that you’re meant to share with the world.

What they did have was an inherent understanding of this core, fundamental secret.

The blueprint to success is never a straight-forward process. It doesn’t look the same for everyone.

Steve Jobs and Elon Musk faced trials and tribulations time and time again. However, it was the building blocks of self-belief that kept them resilient in pursuit of their dreams.

It was their belief in a vision of what they were building — and who they’d become — that allowed them to keep going.

See, building up confidence in your skills and capabilities is a by-product of competence. Competence can only be earned through application.

So, what’s the number one, core building block to self-belief?

It’s all about how you talk to yourself.

From this day forward, talk to yourself like a winner.

Our self-talk has a lot to do with our levels of self-belief. In fact, a lot of the time we’re not even consciously thinking about the subtle whispers we repeat to ourselves each day.

Instead of talking to yourself like you’re a victim in your life, try talking to yourself like you’re a winner. No, even better — talk to yourself like you are a champion.

Next time you’re about to give a huge work presentation, instead of thinking “Hope I don’t screw this up.” Ask yourself: what would a champion say to himself?

A champion would say, “You can do it. You can accomplish anything today. You are a champion.”

Thinking positive and empowering thoughts is one thing, but actually changing your self-narrative literally reconditions your thought process and neural linguistic programming.

Once you start applying this behaviour, you’ll start to develop a self-awareness around just how negatively you speak to yourself.

From this day forward, you’ll be able to catch your negative self-talk — as it’s happening.

This is how you write a new story for your life.

Over time, and through this consistent practice, your actions and behaviours will actually start to change too.

Our thoughts shape our reality. Not because they have some secret ability to magically manifest, but because the thoughts we hold about ourselves inform our actions. Our actions are what our success is dependent on.

I challenge you to try this and watch how your life transforms. If you’re not going to encourage yourself, you can’t expect anyone else to do it for you.

And besides, external validation is an empty win.

True success is built on an inner knowing that you have your back, and you are capable of anything.

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