4 signs you’re going to be successful

Monday Nov 26th, 2018


Imagine your success was genetic? What would happen to our lives if our success was inherited rather than developed through hard work and skill? That would be a pretty limiting scenario if that was the case.

It’s no doubt that true success takes perseverance, development and consistency over time in order to be effective. However, with that said, you likely already display pre-disposed tendencies that indicate you’re well on your way to success.

These are the 4 signs you’re going to be successful.

1. You’re motivated by helping others.

Initially, you might have been more motivated by financial freedom and creative expression. There are a number of career choices that are born from these motives. But after a certain sales goal or level of public recognition has been reached, pretty much every career-oriented person is more motivated by service than personal or financial gain.

Motivation to help others is at the crux of so many huge successes and by starting to incorporate more of this mindset or habit into whatever it is you might currently offer; your success expands outside of the boundaries of yourself — and that’s always a win.

2. You know how to establish boundaries

The key to any successful individual is knowing where, when and how to establish boundaries. Not learning this imperative skill in business or personal relationships can have damaging effects to your schedule or mental wellbeing.

Knowing when to establish boundaries is going to give you a stronger foothold in any given workplace scenario. Identifying what those boundaries are for ourselves first and then communicating them clearly to others is a life-skill that’s worth it’s weight in gold.

3. You’re addicted to the wins

Success can come in a lot of different forms, but once you taste it — it can be an addictive from there.

You might have first tasted success in a sport, trying to win over your dream girl or landed the job you’ve been hoping to get. Success is sweet… And once you’ve tasted it, it can be a driving motivation that keeps you collecting more wins time and time again.

4. You can rebalance from losses

With big wins, come some losses.

It’s an ongoing practice, but every day that you work at it, you get a little bit better at embraces the high and the lows. Challenges, fears and losses all come with building a career or business.

Developing resiliency over time and learning how to apply it when the going gets tough is an important component to success. As they say… sometimes success comes to those who never gave up.

The question here really is… Are you going to be successful? Because ultimately, the choice is up to you. It’s never a missed opportunity to say that what you want to learn or become is always within your power. Your success starts with you.

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