Here's how to prepare your home for fall and winter

Monday Sep 30th, 2019


The fall season inevitably draws people indoors. Which is why the maintenance and state of your home matters. 


Especially those of us who call the 416 our home, we live in an amazing four-season Canadian climate, and spend more time inside our homes during the colder, winter months. 


So, here’s how to prepare your home for the fall and winter season


Make sure all the obvious maintenance tasks are done

If we’re talking exterior, fall is the last chance to get your roof done and have your stucco or driveway painted and filled for cracks. 


Trust me, you’ll want these things seen to before the heavy, wet snow makes you aware of it in a much more miserable way. Winter is coming.


Check the foundation of your home and basements for any cracks too. Clear the gutters out and make sure all windows are sealed with fresh caulking. Bring anything that you want protected from the elements inside or under a heavy duty, waterproof cover.


Get your furnace checked

On the interior of things, it probably seems pretty obvious but the air that you’re breathing in your home really matters. 


During the summer, your furnace wasn’t used to its full extent, if not turned off completely. During that time, dust and debris builds up inside so a tune-up may be required. 


Change the furnace filter to get fresh, clean air circulating and help keep the overall system functioning more efficiently. Hey, maybe it could even help to save you money on your winter heating bill later too. 


Protect your plants

If you did invest in quality landscaping (a great way to potentially increase the value of your home), you’ll want to protect your plants. But even if you didn’t – it ensures that for the next summer season your property and your plants will be in the best condition possible. 


Especially for non-native plants that aren’t intended to survive in colder climates, you’ll want to prep your plants for the seasonal change. Wrap burlap around young trees and add an additional 18-20 inches of soil around the base of bushes. 


You can get pretty crazy with landscaping and gardening solutions, so just take a trip to Home Depot if you need more.


Freshen up with paint, clear out clutter and do a deep clean

Doing a deep clean to close out the season is a must. 


Putting away all your summer décor and activities means that you can also freshen up with paint on both the interior and exterior of our homes to keep things feeling like they’re in optimal condition. 


Use this opportunity to purge items you don’t need and leverage the freely-open space to give it a good clean. It really is the simple things sometimes.


As long as you follow these steps, your house will be ready for the fall and winter season. 

You know I just want to see you win no matter what. The fall real estate market is one of the best times to list or buy a home. Contact me today to help!



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