5 Design Ideas When Staging Your Home During Halloween

Monday Oct 14th, 2019



After a long Thanksgiving weekend, can you believe that Halloween is just around the corner? It’s about to be one of the spookiest celebrated traditions of the fall season, and if there’s one thing I love about the cooler seasons, it’s all the food and treats that come along with various monthly celebrations. 


With kids back in school and holiday season already starting to kick in, people are using the next few weeks to really settle down into their homes. 


Which means that’s why fall is an optimal period of time during to sell or buy your home. In the next few weeks, you want to be festive for the ghoulish season ahead, but also keep it refined, classic and neutral so that potential home buyers can really envision themselves, and their futures in their new potential properties of choice.


Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice

No, this isn’t a Starbucks plug. But hey, I don’t hate — those sweet drinks filled with Nutmeg and Cinnamon are pretty good.


For outdoor or indoor front entranceway statements, take big wicker baskets and overfill them with pumpkins and scented pine cones for a festive front door design piece.



Add Touches of Rust Brown, Burnt Orange & Burgundy Red for an Autumnal, Festive Feel.

Moody and dramatic shades add depth and drama to give a luxurious touch on only the spookiest of celebrated traditions. 


Think matte black and gold to give a luxurious and velvety-rich feel.


You can’t really go wrong during Halloween to simply add a bunch of darker elements to the surrounding areas… As a general rule of thumb.


Keep in mind, you still want to keep it classic, refined and neutral. 



Paint Everything White

When it doubt, paint everything white.


Whenever you’re selling your home you want to be considerate of the ‘blank canvas’ you want to create for your potential buyers. You have to remember, when people walk into a home, they want to idealize what it would be like waking up having breakfast in the space, where does the sun stream into on cold winter mornings, what rooms will bring together family, good conversation shared over wine and fantastic meals. 


For decorative pieces, take off-white and cream coloured pumpkins to layer a creamy hue against sharp, stark white. 


If it gives you an excuse to freshen up your home with a fresh coat of white paint, go for it. You would be shocked at how much of an improvement a little white paint can make. 


For a more classic and elegant colour palette, go monochromatic with black and white painted pumpkins or an entirely black and white Halloween décor theme.


Let the Scent of Fall Linger

When in doubt, make it smell like fall.


If there’s one thing I love about the autumnal harvest season, it’s the smell of the crisp, cool autumn weather that feels refreshing and calming after a steamy summer. 


Bringing the smell of fall into your home with fresh pine cones picked up from a hike, or with specially-seasonal fall scented candles filled with black magic and Halloween spirit wafting through the air.


Sorry, is someone baking a pumpkin pie? Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies? Homemade granola? Sugar bread cookies and fruitcakes? Those sugary scents are great ways to make your home smell amazing during the home staging and selling process.


Additional Décor Elements 

Shop for glossy ceramic pumpkins for table tops, adorn dining room tables with fall leaf or eucalyptus garlands. Cozy up with oatmeal, thick and chunky knit throw blankets. 


Compliment the couch with rust-coloured pillows.


There’s some Halloween décor ideas that feel festive without feeling tacky for you. If you’re looking to buy or sell your home this fall season, contact me today to help. Let’s get you in the home of your dreams for the upcoming holiday season.


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