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The Little-Known Secret Superpower to Selling

Monday Jun 17th, 2019

secret to selling successfully real estate selling advice how to get a real estate deal

I’m about to tell you a secret that will blow your mind. You know I’ve talked about the psychology of colour, the importance of self-belief and success, showing up consistently and learning more about Toronto housing market knowledge that can give you a competitive edge in 2019. So, it can’t be any of those. The dictionary defines “selling” in very simple terms: “to persuade someone of the merits of.” Ok, so that implies influence and... [read more]

The little-known secret to getting your house to sell

Thursday Mar 14th, 2019

home staging to increase the value of your home

When you’re in the market to sell your home, home staging can drastically increase the home equity value. Don’t believe me? The Real Estate Staging Association has said that homes across North America spent 90 per cent less time on the market in 2016, selling within an average of 23 days in comparison to unstaged homes which took an average 184 days to sell. There’s no doubt that preparing a home for sale can be an overwhelming task and then difference... [read more]

5 Inexpensive Home Improvements to Increase the Value of your Home

Tuesday Feb 19th, 2019

spring market tips for real estate tips for selling your home

With the Spring market just around the corner, I’ve been talking a lot about being proactive when it comes to the sale of your home. Now is the time to start thinking about how to increase value and marketability as we enter into one of the busiest real estate seasons of the year. As a homeowner, you’ve probably had one or two things you’ve wanted to improve in your home. And the reality is, even if you think your home is fine as it is, a few “refreshing”... [read more]

How to Prepare Your Home for the Spring Market

Monday Jan 21st, 2019

how to prepare your home for the spring real estate market

In real estate, the spring market is the time to take action. Buyers gravitate towards fresh, new listings and the numbers show. For sellers, it’s important to start getting your home ready long before the winter hiatus is over. Interview Real Estate Agents One of the most important components to effectively selling your home in the Spring market involves working with an experienced agent to help make it happen. If you don’t have one already, you can contact me or... [read more]