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How to Find the Right Realtor for You

Sunday Sep 15th, 2019

Matt sloan finding a realtor toronto, oakville and mississauga

When you first start searching for the right realtor for you, you’ll want to interview a number of different agents to get a feel for their expertise, communication style and specific-market knowledge.     After a few brief meetings, you should be able to better identify which qualities different candidates bring to the table – and therefore who should be the best person to get your home sold.     Remember, it’s... [read more]

3 Mindset Shifts to Make for Success

Sunday Jun 30th, 2019

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In 2005, Steve Jobs stood before the graduating class at Stanford University to deliver a commencement speech that fundamentally defined what he considered to be “a road map to success”. While there are a number of famous commencement speeches that are out of this world. Each rightfully deserving of their own unique perspectives on the path to success. Below are three mindset shifts inspired by the words shared from Steve Job’s speech to get you primed for... [read more]

2019 Mid-Year Market Update: What Happened & What’s to Come

Sunday Jun 30th, 2019

2019 mid year real estate market update for mississauga real estate, oakville real estate and toronto real estate gta

Summertime is one of the best times of the year, right? Easy, breezy living with a little bit of heat and Vitamin D is our well-earned treat after low winter temps. As a mid-year check-in, we’re currently in the heat of the busiest time of year for Residential Real Estate Sales — and the market continues to react to overall buyer demand.  The good news doesn’t stop there. The number of available homes for sale to date has grown by 20,000 units, which is exciting... [read more]

The Little-Known Secret Superpower to Selling

Monday Jun 17th, 2019

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I’m about to tell you a secret that will blow your mind. You know I’ve talked about the psychology of colour, the importance of self-belief and success, showing up consistently and learning more about Toronto housing market knowledge that can give you a competitive edge in 2019. So, it can’t be any of those. The dictionary defines “selling” in very simple terms: “to persuade someone of the merits of.” Ok, so that implies influence and... [read more]

The Psychology of Colour: How Colour Can Increase the Value of Your Home

Monday May 27th, 2019

matt sloan pick a paint colour for your new home real estate

Back in 1666, Sir Isaac Newton the English scientist discovered that when pure, white light passes through a prism, it separates into all visible colours. Newton also discovered that every colour has a wavelength. And can’t be reduced any further into any additional colours. Interesting, right? Believe it or not, science has actually proven that colour impacts our mood. Which makes a lot of sense when it comes to considering the right colour when selling your... [read more]