4 Tips to Crush Your Goals & Amplify Productivity

Sunday Sep 1st, 2019

productivity hacks for realtors by oakville real estate agent matt sloan

What better time than September to get your goals straight, right? Fall somehow always feels like a clean slate, a fresh start and gives me a surge of motivation. If you’re ready to make the most of your fall productivity and crush your September, here’s four tips to make it happen. Productivity Hack #1: Meditate Legend has it, that the most important time of day to consume meaningful content is right before you wake up and right before you fall asleep. The reason for... [read more]

2019 Mid-Year Market Update: What Happened & What’s to Come

Sunday Jun 30th, 2019

2019 mid year real estate market update for mississauga real estate, oakville real estate and toronto real estate gta

Summertime is one of the best times of the year, right? Easy, breezy living with a little bit of heat and Vitamin D is our well-earned treat after low winter temps. As a mid-year check-in, we’re currently in the heat of the busiest time of year for Residential Real Estate Sales — and the market continues to react to overall buyer demand.  The good news doesn’t stop there. The number of available homes for sale to date has grown by 20,000 units, which is exciting... [read more]

4 Steps to Buying a Home

Monday Apr 1st, 2019

first home buyer tips

Buying a home is an exciting time — but it also requires a lot of time and effort. Whether you’re planning to purchase your first property, making an investment or you’re ready for something new, purchasing a home ushers in new chapters to our lives that are both exciting and oftentimes — pivotal. As always, my mission is to set you up for success. These 4 steps can will help make the home buying process manageable and easy. Knowledge is... [read more]

Should you rent, or should you buy?

Monday Nov 19th, 2018

Real Estate is a lucrative path to success

Ah, the age-old question for the Toronto real estate market remains. “Should I buy, or should I rent?”. I get asked this by clients all the time and for anyone who loves analyzing the market knows that this is a never-ending debate. There is no right answer to this question and it’s not because of the market circumstance bur rather your own personal ones. Toronto real estate has been booming for a minute and speculation on the ups and downs of it all have been going... [read more]

4 Mistakes Most People Make When Buying Real Estate

Monday Oct 22nd, 2018

Don't procrastinate on getting into the real estate game

Why do you think you clicked on this post? Would it be fair to assume that maybe you care about avoiding mistakes? There’s a real reason for that. We’re all striving to be better versions of ourselves. It’s often why nostalgia and regret can leave such powerful imprints when we’re reflecting on lessons learnt. Our mistakes are what allow us to evolve and be better in the future, and oftentimes acts as the foundation to our makeup and how we climb to... [read more]