4 Landscaping Secrets to Sell Your Home this Summer

Sunday Jul 28th, 2019


Can you believe that it’s August already? Summer is at the half-way mark and the real estate market is still going strong.

Home hunters are taking advantage of the long daylight hours to view homes at their best.

Whether it’s in the front yard or back, landscaping around your home can easily increase the value of your home.

Presentation and curb appeal matter and first impressions make an impact.

All across the GTA, homes are being listed for sale with stunning landscaped yards, gorgeous green manicured lawns, and pools that you’ll easily want to spend the rest of the summer enjoying.

Here are 4 landscaping secrets to get your summer listing sold.

Flowers and Foliage

If there’s one easy way to make a yard more inviting, it’s to surround it with neatly-trimmed hedges and lush flower-filled landscaping.

Presentation makes all the difference and with some simple landscaping tricks, you can make your front or backyard look that much more extravagant with greenery and foliage.

Plunge Pools

While not always possible for everyone based on your property size and budget, there’s no denying that pools can be selling feature points for the right buyer.

Most people appreciate inground swimming pools for their ability to inspire parties, barbecues, a leisurely float with a drink in hand, or a nice excuse to cool off after some fun in the sun with friends and family.

Bar Service

Speaking of poolside, swim-up bar gazebos or having a bar built for your patio area -- great for entertaining both large and small gatherings.

Your place will always be popular if you think of landscape features as expanding and enhancing your outdoor living space as if they were outdoor rooms such as an open-air kitchen and family room.

Wraparound Porch

In a very Texas ranch home style, try a wraparound renovated back deck or porch with white oak distressed beams for a modern-day, wild-west type of luxury.

If your budget allows for it, include a bar and kitchen so it’s not just aesthetically pleasing, but functional too.

Contact me today and let’s make the most of your summer listing – especially if you have a pool or a great backyard.

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